75.00 – Audio Technica AT-0C5 MC Cartridge

SUPER RARE on eBay, superior condition

Audio Technica AT-0C5 MC Cartridge – Up for sale is an example of Audio-Technica’s once-top-end MC cartridge, the AT-0C5. This very rarely comes up on ebay as not many were made, & those who own 1 usually stick to it :) . But I am slimming down my high end collection & nothing stays apart from the main system, so this 1 has to go. It is is perfect cosmetic & working condition with many hours left in the stylus (I received it used from a seller who was parting with his entire deck & had not used it much, & used it for approximately a year myself before upgrading). The cart will ship with its original stylus guard as seen in the pictures. Note that the Linn Basik LV X seen in 1 of the pictures is an superior match for this cartridge, yet is not part of this auction – you can look up the separate listing on ebay. What Hifi reviewed the cart when released in 1991 & called it “a turbo-charged nightmare to terrorize the company’s rivals”. The AT-0C5 was indeed AT’s flagship at the time, with performance (detail, resolution, speed) & manufacturing quality way ahead of the company’s lower-end MM or MC offerings. It was the blueprint for the company’s current flagship, the AT-0C9, which retails around 800 USD. The AT 0C% has a very typical AT sound – incredibly swift & dynamic with bags of resolution. Note, unless it’s properly setup it can sound harsh in the treble region / short in the bass. A little playing with the Linn arm’s VTA & use of proper suspension underneath the Townshend Rock 2 on which both this cart & the matching arm were set up did quickly resolve the issue for me & the aound of the combinmation was explosive, swift & natural without any trace of aggression, in fact it sounded like a faster version of the Denon DL103 I had heard in a similar setup. The following is taken from the Vinyl Engine info section regarding the AT 0C5 : Dual Moving Coil Phono Cartridge Description The AT-OC5 uses a Biradial nude-diamond stylus bonded to a complex aluminium cantilever with ceramic adhesive. The coil is created from PCOCC6N, a new material which has an extreme purity of 98.99996% copper. The terminal pins are PCOCC material. This guarantees a more refined & purer transmission. A Neodymium magnet greatly increases the magnetic energy. The magnet supply’s approx 34% more magnetic energy than the old material. This strengthens the magnetic field in the coil gap. The magnetic circuit fixture section & the body undercover are created from hardened plastic. The mounting base is milled from a solid block of aluminium & finished with alumite & the housing is created from a complex plated plastic. Specifications Frequency response: 15 to 50,000 Hz Output voltage: 0.4mV Channel separation: 27dB Output balance: 1.5dB Vertical tracking force: 1.25 to 1.75g (standard 1.5g) Stylus: 0.2 x 0.7 mil biradial nude diamond Weight: 8.0g Review A Turbo charged nightmare to terrorise the companies rivals – What HiFi 1991 Thanks for looking & pleased bidding !

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